Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants

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Ashley Adams

As a native of Milledgeville born and raised. I currently reside in Eatonton with my partner Camron and our two four legged kids Bentley and Little Man. When I not working you can always find me with Camron and our four legged kids doing something. I graduated from high school in 2020. I took two years to decide on what I wanted my “big girl” job to be. I had a friend ask “hey, do you wanna go to dental assistant school with me?” I said “sure, what do I have to lose?” So, I attended accelerated dental in Macon, GA and graduated in 2022. Where I obtained my certificate in being a dental assistant. I started with Old Capital dentistry in January of 2023. Come to find out that this little “joke” became something that I truly loved to do and what I think I’m good at. So, let’s see what the future holds for Old Capital dentistry and I.

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